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Our History

With a desire to start a church in the Lakeview area of San Angelo, TX, the Lord led three men, under the leadership of Pastor L.J. Dyer, to purchase a piece of property at 38th and Bowie Street in August of 1950. Lakeview Fundamental Baptist Church had its first service on August 13, 1950. They began having meetings and purchased a tent to shield them from the weather.


On January 27, 1952, the church changed their name to Bowie Street Baptist Church due to mail issues with a church named Lakeview Baptist. In May of 1953, after two years of sacrificial giving and much hard work, a building was completed. After a few short days of enjoying their new building, a tornado hit the Lakeview area on May 11, 1953, and leveled the new church building. The only thing left standing was the pulpit, but God was faithful and with the insurance money a new building was erected in its place.


In October of 1956, the Lord led Bowie Street Baptist to call a new pastor by the name of Rev. Marvin Clark. Under his leadership a parsonage and Sunday school annex were built and the road was paved.


The next pastor was Rev. George White who pastored from 1962-1973 and led the church to build a new auditorium. Following him, Rev. Blake pastored until 1979 and during his time the church established Lakeview Christian School. The church outgrew their building and purchased property near the river, built a building and changed the name to Riverside Baptist Church in 1976.


Next was Rev. Taylor who pastored until 1986. Under his leadership the church sold their property and were meeting in a building on Chadbourne Street. During this time the Lord brought Rev. Ronald McGauhey to the church and he was called as pastor on July 30, 1986. Rev. McGauhey led the church to relocate to their current location at 2021 Austin St. and to change their name to Harvest Baptist Church.


Rev. McGauhey served faithfully until 2001 when he resigned due to health reasons. The church called Rev. Ron Patterson and he pastored the church until his retirement in January of 2019. On January 13, 2019, Harvest Baptist Church called Rev. Jeff Paget as their new pastor.

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