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Good News Clubs

Harvest Baptist Church has the wonderful privilege to go into several elementary schools and have Bible Clubs with students after school each week! All boys and girls ages 5-13 are welcome, as well as their parents, regardless of religious background. All of our Good News Club workers are specially trained for the spiritual well-being of each child. All workers have had a background check through Good News Clubs as well as their ID's screened at the school, for the safety of each child.

What your child will learn:

  • Dynamic Bible Lessons

  • Creative Learning Activities

  • Meaningful Songs

  • Life-Changing Scripture Memory

  • Respect for Authority

  • Character Qualities

  • Moral Values

  • Biblical Principles

Fort Concho Elementary

Jan 28 - Mar 3

Santa Rita Elementary
Jan 30 - Feb 27


Mar 17 - Apr 21

Glenmore Elementary
Mar 19 - Apr 23

*The United States Constitution requires schools to respect the right of all external organization to distribute flyers to students at school if the school permits any such organization to distribute flyers. Accordingly, the school cannot discriminate among groups wishing to distribute flyers at school and does not endorse the content of any flyer distributed at school. The school encourages parents to assist their children in making choices appropriate for them. This is not an activity of the school or School District.*

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